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    7 ton Dongfeng Dolica fire sprinkler

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  • 7 ton Dongfeng Dolica fire sprinkler
  • 7 ton Dongfeng Dolica fire sprinkler
  • 7 ton Dongfeng Dolica fire sprinkler
  • 7 ton Dongfeng Dolica fire sprinkler
  • 7 ton Dongfeng Dolica fire sprinkler

★ Product parameters ★

7 ton Dongfeng Dolica fire sprinkler

Chassis model


Chassis manufacturers

Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

Tank volume

7 cubic

Fire Pump

CB10/30 车用消防泵,流量: 30 L/s ,压力: 1.0MPa 1. Normal pressure fire pump model: CB10 / 30 vehicle fire pump, flow rate : 30 L / s , pressure: 1.0MPa

35s 7m 吸深)水环引水 夹心式取力器 2, water diversion time ≤ 35s ( 7m suction) water ring water diversion

Fire Cannon Model

型消防炮 , 流量 30L/S/1MPa 水射程:≥ 55 m Model: PS30W fire monitor , flow 30L / S / 1MPa water range: ≥ 55 m


4BK151( 朝柴 140 马力) CY 4BK151 ( Chaochai 140 horsepower)

Tire model


Number of tires

6 + 1    )驱动 ( 4 * 2 ) drive  


2150 2900 6950 2150 2900



★ Product real picture ★



专用功能说明 Special function description for fire truck


排座,全景曲面式挡风玻璃。 Flat head full metal enclosed cab, original single row seat, panoramic curved windshield. Optional new front cover, front bumper, front combination lights, doors and windows, front cover under cover.


),焊接式结构,内设纵,横防荡板,经高科技防腐处理。 Adopt high-quality carbon steel material ( Q235A ), welded structure, with vertical and horizontal anti-swing plates, and high-tech anti-corrosion treatment. Available in stainless steel.  

Pump room

The rear pump has new easy-pull high-strength aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors on the left and right sides of the pump room and the left and right sides of the equipment box.

Equipment box

It adopts the built-in tower connection technology of aluminum alloy profiles produced by the introduction of European technology, and has a fully-jointed structure. With aluminum alloy rolling door.  

Electrical configuration

火场照明灯一只,下方安装安全标志灯,乘员室、器材箱、 泵房内均装有照明灯,加装有 100W 警报器,回转警灯开关、通讯设备预备接口。 The front of the cab is a long row of warning lights. There is a 24V / 60W fire field lighting at the rear of the vehicle. A safety sign is installed below. The lighting is installed in the passenger compartment, equipment box, and pump room. , Rotary warning light switch, communication equipment preparation interface.


Due to different configurations, the specific price is different, please consult for details 13886882877 (张经理) Fire extinguisher manufacturer hotline: 13886882877 (Manager Zhang)

★ Related Hot Products Recommended

For more models of fire trucks and fire sprinklers, please contact us. Hotline: 13886882877  

★ Production process and details display

Dedicated chassis

Together, Qiangqiang cooperated with domestic well-known brand chassis manufacturers to design according to customer requirements, so that our customers can truly appreciate the super-operational functions of fire trucks.


It is made of high-quality steel, with a thickness of 4mm. It is tested by special equipment, and it is durable due to high-tech internal and external anti-corrosion treatment.


Fire Pump

The fire pump needs to be pressurized when the fire truck is working, in order to meet the requirements of water pressure and water volume during fire fighting. We use domestic well-known brand fire pumps with CCC certification.

Fire cannon

The fire cannon is sprayed with water. It is fixed on the roof of the fire truck for long-range firefighting. It can rotate 360 degrees. It can spray columnar and mist. It is easy to operate.

Equipment box

Reasonable layout, easy access to equipment, special fixtures to fix fire equipment. The outer frame of the equipment box is made of high-quality sheet material, and the inner decoration is made of patterned aluminum plate, which is beautiful and durable.

★ After sales service  

In order to make you always satisfied from purchasing, owning, and using the product, the company will provide you with a full range of services.

◆ Training service-free expert training for all customers who purchase our products, training does not charge any fees.

◆ Warranty commitment-the quality guarantee of the fire truck chassis to the nearest national service station. The fire protection part of the jacket is guaranteed by our company for one year.

◆ Customer return visits-regular visits to customers to learn about their car use trends


Perfect after-sales service system

The company has a complete after-sales service team. We arrange commissioning follow-up services for each vehicle to resolve various problems encountered by customers in the first time.

Complete accessories

Various vehicle accessories are complete, guaranteed to be delivered to customers the first time.


★ Ordering Process

通过电话联系发车型资料参数或实地考察洽谈车辆型号、价格和相关要求。 ①: Negotiate a car purchase: Contact the vehicle model information parameters by phone or conduct on-site inspections to discuss vehicle models, prices, and related requirements.

双方签订车辆购销合同并预付合同定金(传真签订合同、实地签订合同均可)。 ②: Signing the contract: The two parties sign the vehicle purchase and sales contract and pay the contract deposit in advance (signing the contract by fax or signing the contract on the spot).

我公司根据合同要求,安排车间生产。 ③: Arrange production: Our company arranges workshop production according to contract requirements.

车辆交付验收,支付车辆余款,完成相关手续。 ④: Vehicle delivery : Vehicle delivery inspection, payment of vehicle balance, and completion of relevant procedures. 交付方式客户可自提车辆,也可协商由我公司安排送车并协定相关费用.更多详细订车流程请来电咨询!) ( Delivery methods: Customers can pick up the vehicle by themselves, or negotiate with our company to arrange delivery and agree on the related costs. For more detailed booking procedures, please contact us!)


7 ton Dongfeng Dolica fire sprinkler service instructions
1. Service commitment: Product maintenance is free for one year or 25,000 kilometers after the product is sold. For more than one year, only the accessories fee is charged. We promise that the company is 100% responsible for the products; the service makes the customers 100% satisfied. See details >>
2. Purchase process: 1. Consultation and negotiation (phone negotiation or visit to the factory for negotiation) 2. Signing of automobile purchase and sales contracts (fax, post or visit to the factory)
3. Our factory produces on time and according to quality 4. Delivery and acceptance >> click for details
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